Saturday, September 17, 2016

Best restaurant near Metropolitan Expo Best restaurant near Metropolitan Expo? Then you must visit the Seafront Taverna Arxontikon in Artemida, #1 top 5 star awarded restaurant by Tripadvisor - Call 22940 84434 Seafront restaurant-taverna Arxonikon with live music is located just 5km only from Athens International airport and it is considered the top place to eat near Metropolitan Expo for all exhibitors and visitors of this big fair, in which thousands of these people visit this area to exhibit their goods & services. Without any doubt Taverna Arxontikon is the most preferred place for all locals of Spata, Artemida, Porto Rafti, Rafina, Markopoulo, Paiania, Pallini, Nea Makri, Mati, Zoumperi, Voutsas and other close by cities. "Excellent everything" Before we flew back to the states my wife and I 'd spent in Santorini and planned in Athens. We needed something from the hectic city and were staying in the Airport resort. Before the shore as all the beach front tables were taken we were seated at a table in the row, but as soon as one opened up the server asked if we had like to go to that table. It was certainly taken by us as the view from that first row is not ugly. The food was excellent! We purchased the squash balls for and use (they already have us bread and another kind of breadstick and dunking items which was wonderful). For our main dishes we ordered the swordfish steak and he shrimp risotto. Both were very big and tasty pieces. We also purchased a bottle of red wine and our total bill was just 35 euro. Excellent service, wonderful food, excellent view. --------- "Quite good" Proceed for the sea food! Marinated anchovies, grilled octopus, grilled sardines are amazing! Went three times while in passage in athens 10minutes 10euros by cab from airport (request them to cut trough cargo area) and you're on the shore eating superb fresh seafood and at very reasonable prices $! I used ton't mentioned the staff but thats because they're super friendly and generous... nothing to whine about. Good luck --------- “Superb location - close to airport” We determined to come here - happily! Uber was 8 euro each way - which the resort food was not considerably less than all joined. And the food was yummy! Fantastic ending to a Holiday! --------- “Superb food and service to fit” Stead is visited by us last night, 5 days into a two week vacation and we've luckily found an excellent spot we'll need to spend more hours in. The visit began with a welcome drink on the house together with some morsels. We purchased various appetizers to share (the squash balls were quite delicious even if the name seems a bit off putting!) Mains were Mussels (I am told they were yummy), Chicken stuffed with peppers, cheese and various other things(!) And Pork with mushrooms in a rich creamy sauce. When we were concluded another free item appeared. Outstanding. Extremely great value from beginning to end. ---------- “Warm welcome and excellent food” We had our first meal in Greece at this eatery which we simply selected from the many along the waterfront by chance. We could not have felt more welcome and were tired but excited after our long flight. The fish was really fresh, lovely and delicious, and the salad also fresh and delicious. Our server was really friendly and guided us on our picks. He insisted on giving us a delectable chocolate dessert even though we said no. Without the freebies I 'd highly recommend this restaurant for its excellent food and friendly service. Looking for the best restaurant near Athens airport & Metropolitan Expo? Then Taverna Arxontikon is a must! Leoforos Vravronos 12, Artemida 190 16 Tel: 22940 84434 Help us caption & translate this video!

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