Monday, March 27, 2017

places to stay near athens greece airport Places to stay near athens greece airport. Enjoy upscale hotel accommodation at a supreme place ideal for company and holiday travellers! It is ideally situated in the town of Vraona/Artemida, a wonderful suburb of Athens, really a somewhat privileged place, just 13 minutes from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and close to important exhibition centres, like MEC Paiania, Metropolitan Expo and Anthousa Expo, providing simple access to business travelers visiting the exhibitions and not only. Artemida-Spate community is also well-known for its wine production, thereby being the perfect place in Attica for wine tourism. Its suitable location both near the port of Rafina and Athens city centre provides tourists the chance to set off and learn more about the islands of the Aegean, in addition to go sightseeing in Athens. The primary advantage of our house is the place: 2km (3 minutes by car) from the closest beach, the large sandy beach of "8th bus station" and also 3 kilometer from several gorgeous beaches and also the centre of Artemida. Practically with a 3,5 - 5 or a vehicle EUR cab you are everywhere in Artemida within 3-5 minutes. I am enthusiastic about folks that are servicing as I know very well how nice is to be served. Used to travel and work in many different countries giving my services to people all time through. Love to sail, take pleasure in the Greek way lifestyle and always with friends and fine company. Studying and implementing hospitality since long years I'll be more than happy to servicing you as your host. With a beach that stretches for many kilometers its surprise everyone comes here to swim and sunbath at the sandy seashore. The sea is shallow so makes it ideal for families with small kids while the shore. What there are facilities with chairs/umbrellas / showers, numerous cafĂ© and restaurants. Alright, everyone comes here for the shore but what about town? The coastal ave is full of cafes eateries and shops and during high season hundreds of cars searching for a free place for parking. Although it’s amazing the this was simply a little hamlet until the late 70s, individuals of Athens began to come for the coast due to the closeness with all the capital. It’s not anymore only a summer resort but the commercial epicenter of the general region that also contain Spata town. The general place contain several rural areas full of wineries. Those that are not interested about the shore they drive to Vraona.

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